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About Wish4Fish

 At Wish4Fish, our goal is to help bring fly fishing into more of a mainstream sport while keeping you entertained and educated.  If it's destination trips, tips, gear reviews, fishing tactics, we will try to help you answer your questions while providing hours of entertainment.  

Through social media we are able to reach a very large fly fishing demographic.  With YouTube as our main platform, we are able to hit the exact target demographic for fly fishing consumers. Being that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world only behind Google and considering that Google owns YouTube, it is utilized as the platform to search for answers. YouTube now has over 1.5 billion active sign in users, that’s over 1/3 of the people that are currently on the internet. Other social media platforms are algorithm based where you have to actively find fans and followers. On YouTube people use the search engine to find our channel for the information. If you search anything fly fishing related on YouTube, like techniques “Hopper Dropper” “Match the Hatch” “Fly Fishing Streamers” or even look up locations “Fly Fishing Iceland” “Fly Fishing Pyrenees” “Fly Fishing Idaho” “Fly Fishing Utah” “Fly Fishing Tennessee” or even products “Abel TR” “Ross Colorado LT”  “Ross Evolution R”  as well as events “Orvis Guide Rendezvous”  “Fly Fishing Show”  people will find our videos.  We can also strengthen your SEO on  Google searches as well “Abel TR” “Fly Fishing Henry’s Fork” “Fly Fishing Iceland” or “Fly Fishing Pyrenees” you can see that we are one of the top videos.  Any video we create will be at the top of any search. This is the same exposure that we can provide your brand, lodge or outfitter.