Press, Exposure and Awards

We have been quickly gaining a lot of respect from the fly fishing community and our peers.  Here are some of the places that we have been featured and accolades. 

Featured 2019 International Fly Fishing Film Festival
“One day in Iceland” -

Featured on Orvis News 3x

Featured on Orvis “The Tug” (2 Freshwater videos)

Featured on the Orvis Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 15x

Featured on Orvis YouTube channel

Featured on The Cassette Company website main page

First place in the 2017 Sweetwater Fly Shop video contest - winner of the Scott G2

First place in East Rosebuds Streamer Photo Contest (Photo #7) - winner of the Sage X

First place in the 2015 Sweetwater Fly Shop video contest - winner of Sage 4280 

First place in the Rio Products Film Contest in Nov. and 3rd place in Dec.  Which qualified 2 films into the Grand Finals

2nd Place in the Grand Finals of Rio Products Film Contest.  

Featured on Fish Fliez as “Top 8 Best Fly Fishing YouTube Channels

Featured on FrankenFly 6x

Interviewed by Fishin Prescription

Interviewed by Project Smokey Mountain Rebirth 

Interviewed by Twig N Timber

Featured on The Venturing Angler

Grand Final Winner of the Rio Products Amateur Film Awards Viewers Choice for 2018

Featured on “Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast” The Fly Fishing Show I Edison NJ 2018

Interviewed on “Fly Fishing Culture with the Fish.Porn Crew” The Hub Episode 27 

Passionate Outdoors “21 Best Fly Fishing YouTube Channels You Must Follow